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China Europe Design is a young platform which aims to advance excellency in design projects between China and Europe with a focus on green innovation and social developments. Through its online platform and events; it seeks to accelerate knowledge exchange, strengthen bi-lateral network, whilst promoting best practices and stimulating new models of co-creation between China and Europe. 

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We partnered up with 3NTRY, Creative Holland and China Cultural Centre The Hague to host the 2021 edition of China Calling, entitled 'Heal'. 


See event details on Dutch Design Week website here

China Calling Presents; HEAL

China Calling presents 'Heal' is an official online/offline conference and network event at Dutch Design Week.  We aim to connect leading Chinese and Dutch creatives, to reflect on design and its potential to heal our world.


Heal or 愈 in Chinese, refers to the notion of restoring balance and well-being, it directly responds to the current pandemic and climate crisis.


The interactive conference will be followed by drinks and there will be ample opportunities to network with Chinese creatives in the Netherlands and Dutch creatives working in China.


We cordially invite you to watch the livestream after movie of our Conference where we explore Chinese and Western approaches towards healing and look at how they can shape design to do good and not ‘less bad’ to our planet..

Panel 1

Exploring perspectives on design and healing from China and the West

Panel 2

Practice: Re-thinking healing design in China and the West.

ALIBABA breakout session

with a focus on Alibaba design



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